Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

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In observance of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in May, The Nevada Department of Public Safety would like to remind you to drive carefully!

—Even though a rider is traveling through scenic areas, it is still important to keep their attention on the road and other traffic. Some of the rides also attract non-riding tourists so traffic may be heavy in some areas…Don’t be distracted by the beautiful scenery.

—Curvy mountain roads are fun to ride but riders must be experienced.  Some rides may have blind curves, unexpected sharp curves or even road debris or other obstructions in the middle of a curve.  If you’re not familiar with a particular stretch of road, keep your speed low and enjoy the ride.

—Downhill curves can be more difficult to navigate. Riders may find themselves entering a downhill curve to fast because gravity is pulling him through the curve.  The rider should keep his curve entry speed lower and focus his attention through the curve to avoid running off the road.

—As always whenever you ride, wear protective gear. (Full face helmet, eye protection, a motorcycle jacket (with armor preferred), gloves and sturdy shoes or boots)

—Don’t mix riding and drinking alcohol or drugs. Your vision and judgment will be affected resulting in serious consequences.

—If you’re taking a long motorcycle trip make sure your motorcycle is in good mechanical condition.

—Especially when riding in rural areas keep a fully charged cell phone with you in case of mechanical trouble or in case you arrive on a crash scene and need to call 911.

—Beware of dehydration. Pack water and stop frequently to re-hydrate.

—Consider brushing up your skills before going on a ride.  Classes are available for novices and experienced riders. Visit for information on classes in your area.

Motorcycling is serious fun! Fun because it is a joy to ride, serious because there is risk involved.

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