1. All contests are strictly a volunteer activity.
  2. Participating in any contest or giveaway does not guarantee a prize.
  3. All contests and giveaways are judged solely by management or the announcer in charge. Some rules or limitations are dictated by prize sponsors. Special contest have specific rules that are on file.
  4. KHWY, Inc., Highway Radio, Inc., or Point Broadcasting, Inc. employees or relatives, or employees of other Barstow area Radio Stations are not eligible for any FM 98 & 99, Highway Country, or The Drive contests or giveaways.
  5. The Radio Stations are not responsible for any prize or ticket stipulations, cancellations, overbooking, loss or theft.
  6. The Radio Stations are not liable for any loss or injury due to contest or giveaway participation.
  7. All prizes left unclaimed over 30 days will be forfeited to the Radio Station.
  8. One winner per calendar month, per household.
  9. These rules are “General Contest Rules” and are not specific to any contest. However, they may not apply to all contests. Rules will be on file for specific contests.
  10. These rules may be interpreted by the management of the Radio Stations to apply to each individual contest.

A complete listing of rules are available for viewing at the FM 98 & 99, Highway Country & The Drive studios at 1611 East Main Street in Barstow, California during business hours.

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